Contact Us

Contact Information For NOAH’s Canine Crisis Response Dogs


Phone: 920-643-0434

Mail: P.O. Box 105, Louisville, NE 68037


LisaandSadieatPlumCreek1-fullNoah's and Crisis Team Photos 135Parkersburg Tornado and Schyler Flood 113dan and girlTim & Margie 015Katrina 5katie-and-keya-on-bridge_21.jpegParkersburg Tornado and Schyler Flood 097Parkersburg Tornado and Schyler Flood 124June 18Fall 2007 407Dan and Knox3b

 NOAH’s Board Members & Volunteer Staff:  Holly Andrews, Lisa Ashby, Briana Bartlett, Renea Gernant, Jennifer Kard, Darcy Sherburn, & Lee Sherburn


2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. i had an opportunity to learn about the work of the crisis team at crisis submit in Lincoln this past weekend. A great project, I hope to learn more and continue hear good things from the project.
    Michael Davis
    Elgin, NE

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