NOAH’s Dogs of Nebraska is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving people in need either because of personal tragedy, disaster, or loss through the use of specially trained dogs.   Just as Noah of old was called to create a new world after terrible destruction, NOAH’s Dogs was built on the belief that after horrible injury, loss or personal tragedy, the world is built anew when two-by-two we walk together and rebuild what was destroyed.

Rob from Team Rubican

Our dogs provide canine crisis response, therapeutic support, service to individuals with disabilities, companionship, and search and rescue depending upon their training and certification.  Our humans provide mental health support, disaster and crisis response services, and education about the use of dogs for those with disabilities.

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NOAH’s is not accepting new service dog applications at this time.

We encourage those who desire to apply for a service dog to contact one of the following organizations:

CARES, Inc.    Domesti-PUPS  KSDS, Inc. Assistance Dogs

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